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Welcome to make lemonade

Make lemonade came about after life had thrown our family a lot of lemons in a short space of time.

Along this journey I have discovered that I loved to write, and three children books have come to life! “Snooty Stanley Plays a Prank”, Stanley meets Bob Cat the Bully.” and The Search for the Lighthouse People". What a journey that has been, and the opportunities that have come my way because of the books.

I  want to encourage families struggling, to cheer you on from the sidelines to “keep going!” You can make it no matter how many lemons come your way! You can make a difference for good in your world and to the people you love and care about. So I will share my insights, struggles and mountains climbed, in the hope it helps you overcome your mountains. 

I have found using my creative side has been therapeutic and part of my healing process.

Hold onto hope.


This book was written to all the kids whose dad or mum, for whatever reason, didn’t come home. My hope is that kids will know how to find their ‘lighthouse’ person and help them on their way when life gets complicated. It was inspired by encountering children who have experienced loss and grief in their lives, including our own grandchildren. The story is of Jed and Lucy whose dad was lost at sea and how they found their own ‘lighthouse’ person amidst sadness and grief.  Radio NZ Interview

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"Thank you I have received the book “The Search for the Lighthouse People” its beautiful and such a lovely story which I will be sharing with the young people that I work with. So once again thank you and please keep writing the stories so professionals, families, caregivers and friends can share as it is very much need"  -  Rebecca, Community Mental Health Nurse

"Thanks Jo, I have been using the book with children I work with. They love it. The metaphor of lighthouse and finding your lighthouse person is such a meaningful one. It’s been a joy to watch children’s faces light up as they understand what the book is talking about and they can relate to it easily." Many thanks - Trish

Stanley is a very snooty cat who thinks he is better than everyone else.

He finds out the hard way, after a prank backfires, that he really should think about how he treats others.

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Stanley Meets Bob Cat the Bully is a must read for all children to learn about how to handle the issues of bullying in an easy fun way for them to understand.

There are notes for discussion in the back of the book for parents, teachers and care givers.

Online Price: $19.99 + Postage

His Parents' Story of Love, Betrayal, Murder and Courage.

Scott Guy was cut down in the prime of his life in the driveway of his Feilding home on July 8, 2010....

Online Price: $20 + Postage

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